Hydrotherapy at Home: Cold and Heat

Hydrotherapy at Home: Cold and Heat

There are many different ways to try hydrotherapy at home; using water at different temperatures in different ways can give you all the benefits of hot and cold in the privacy of your own home.

Hot and cold foot soak

A foot soak can help to balance your body temperature, which leads to reduced stress and reducing anxiety. It can have benefits for insomnia and sore muscles too. Just run a tub of hot water and put your feet in the tub for a few minutes. Add sea salt or Epsom salts for extra benefits, or try alternating hot with cold water.

Neutral temperature bath

Run a bath that’s slightly cooler than your body temperature and submerge yourself right to the neck in neutral temperature water. It works well if you need soothing from emotional stress and also helps insomnia. Just 15 minutes acts as a sedative.

Hot bath

This is great for softening your skin, and relaxing tense muscles. Fill the bathtub with hot water (between 98 - 100°F) add some bath salts and soak for around half an hour. You can add to the relaxation with aromatherapy oils or relaxing music.

Steam session

A good steam will help boost circulation and help improve your skin condition. Steam speeds up the shedding of dead skin cells, and the new cells will grow back, giving you a natural glow. Try it in a really hot shower cubicle or boil a kettle and breathe the steam from a bowl.

Salt water soak

Salt water boosts your immune system function, cleanses skin pores and reduces inflammation. Try it at home by running a warm bath and adding your personal favorite Dead Sea salts to the water.

shared with permission. by Gael Wood

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