Reopening Information - a slow transition **Updated 10/20/2020**

**Updated 10/30/2020**

Hi Friends,

I am writing to let you know that I have, with much preparation, decided to slowly begin reopening my doors.  After consulting the guidelines and recommendations from a multitude of professional organizations in the massage world (ABMP, Healwell, OSHA, CDC, Governor Northam's guidelines, etc.), I feel that I have in place what is necessary to begin this transition as safely as possible. Risks of transferring covid-19, among other diseases, will remain present in almost every activity/errand we participate in outside of our homes. It is my responsibility to have as many safety measures in place as is available so to reduce those risks as much as I possibly can. And, it is your responsibility to be acting safely, as well, to not accidentally transfer germs to me.

I’m experimenting alternating some weekdays, offering different hours, and alternating weekends as I move forward (this will now allow me to work both Saturday AND Sunday every other weekend). To start with, I'm capping all sessions at 60-minutes maximum until I see where my comfort level (and stamina!) is. I'm offering both table or seated chair massages as options, and requiring all clients to wear masks throughout their sessions.  Continue reading for more detailed information.....

Here is what you can expect as I begin moving forward (please read all of it!):

While in the Shala Center...

  • All guests inside the Shala Center will be required to wear a mask.
  • It is recommended that guests wash their hands in the restroom both upon arrival and after their appointments.
  • If you are feeling ill in any way, you must reschedule your appointment! I am willing to make medical exceptions to my cancellation policy during this time.
  • You may notice that the water and tea stations are no longer in the hallway. If you would like either during or after your session, I will be happy to get it for you. The kitchen is for Shala practitioners only.
  • When arriving at the Shala Center, there is no need to wait for me in the hallway lobby chairs. I will keep my office door open for you to come on in.
  • Please try not to arrive more than 5 minutes early for your session. This will help maintain a smaller number of guests in the hallway lobby, and allows me ample time for cleaning between sessions.
  • Please do not bring any guests (including children) with you to your session.  If you have someone driving you to the massage, they are welcome to wait in their car, on one of the covered porch chairs, or enjoy a stroll Downtown.


  • Masks must be worn at all times by both myself and the client. This includes during the entire massage session.
  • Sessions will be no longer than 60 minutes.
    • The amount of air flow can play a large role in the virus’ transmission. My office is small, with only one air vent and windows that I can not open to create fresh air movement. Although I do have a HEPA air filter plugged in, keeping the sessions shorter for now is in all of our best interest.
    • Traditional table massages will be offered (30, 45, or 60-minutes), as well as seated chair massage (for either 30 or 45-minute sessions) in case you find that to be more comfortable.
      • Chair massages are performed with the client clothed. I encourage you to wear clothing that is comfortable if you choose that option.
  • It is requested that social conversation be kept to a minimum before, during, and after your massage.  It is known that COVID-19 spreads via droplets in the air, which naturally occur from talking/singing/etc. As much as I would love to spend extended time catching up, let's do so over email or out on the porch (if time allows) instead.
  • You will see me donning a few extra accessories during our session.  As mentioned, I will be wearing a face mask.  You will also see me in an apron and face shield.  The aprons and masks are replaced between every client, and the face shield is santizied inbetween each client as well.

Booking Appointments

  • Online booking is now available to all returning clients.
  • During this time of transition, I am only accepting new clients who are referred directly by a current client or medical practitioner. Online booking will not be available to these new clients - please complete the New Client Request Form found on the homepage.
  • Sessions will be spaced at least 45 minutes apart.
    • This will allow proper time for cleaning and sanitizing my office, equipment, tools, and common areas of the building.
    • As comfort levels increase and more is continued to be discovered in regards to control of the virus, sessions will become available for longer lengths.
  • Available times may not be what they were before my mandatory closure.  I am taking this opportunity to start with a fresh slate to build my work schedule to fit where my life is now.  I ask for your patience while I tweak and adjust to find out what works best.
    • Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
      week 1: 12-6pm 1:30-6pm 11am-6pm OFF 11am-6pm 11am-4pm 11am-4pm
      week 2: OFF 1:30-6pm 11am-6pm 11am-6pm 11am-6pm OFF OFF
      Repeat, alternating week 1 and week 2
    • If you are a client who previously had standing appointments, please contact me directly to let me know what flexibility you may have with your schedule moving forward.
  • You may notice that Oncology Massage and Prenatal Massage options are not currently available for online booking.  I feel it best to wait a little longer before working with these demographics and others who fall under the label of "high risk."  Current number trends are rising a bit and I will wait to offer these massage modalities until there is a continued steady decline in positive test and hospitalization numbers in our area.  A massage is not worth risking a life.


  • In order to reduce card-swiping fees from Square (my payment processing system), I ask that whenever possible new payments be made by cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle.
    • My PayPal link is: and if the option presents itself, select paying a friend rather than paying a business (it will charge me a fee if you do). My Venmo account is @Jane-Neldon
  • Please remember that my rates increased in April: 30 minutes = $60, 45 minutes = $75, 60 minutes = $90 [and 90 minutes will be $120 when I reopen that option.]
    • Students, educators, military, first responders, and Region Ten employees continue to receive a $10 discount for their sessions.
  • Pre-paid sessions/series require no additional payment.
  • If you already have pre-paid for a single session or a series of sessions, I am happy to take your sessions and break them down for easy use by you.
    • Example: you pre-paid for a series of multiple 90-minute massages, I can split them down to several 60-minute sessions while I work under time restrictions.

New Health Forms

  • New health forms have been created using an online system which is HIPAA compliant. For many of you, it has been a long time since I have received updated information. These forms only need to be completed once.
  • A second form will be required of you now as well. 
    • This form is to be completed within the 24 hours leading up to each of your massage appointments.
    • It allows you the opportunity to update your contact & health information, state your goals for today's visit, and consent to receiving massage work during the era of COVID-19.
    • The form can be found at this link:
  • The links to both these forms will also be included in your appointment confirmation & reminder emails.


These past few months have flipped our world upside down.  Massages here in the Corona-verse will not be exactly as they were prior to me having to temporarily close my doors.  Each and every massage therapist in the world is having to make the decision for themselves if they feel they can safely provide massages again, and each of us will do so in our own way.  After all, "do no harm" is the motto that all who work in the health industry follow.

I thank you for standing by me through this and for the kind emails checking in.  I'm looking forward to seeing each of you when you feel the time is right for you to begin receiving massage again (just because I'm ready doesn't mean you need to feel pressured to be ready, too! I respect all choices!)   In the event that, as businesses and public places reopen, positive daily numbers make a sharp rise for an extended number of days, I will close temporarily once again.  For the sake of us all, let's hope that doesn't happen.

Take care,

Jane Neldon, LMT