5/14/2020: Covid-19 Closure Update

Hi Friends,

I am writing to touch base and let you know that, although Governor Northam has included “massage centers” as one of the businesses that will be allowed to re-open during Phase One of his “Forward Virginia” plan, I have come to the decision that I will not yet be re-opening my massage therapy office.  It wasn’t an easy decision and I know it may not be what you wish to hear - certainly we all could use some comforting touch, pain relief, and stress relief right now. When I do reopen, I will need to take extensive measures to protect all of us. I am using the CDC, OSHA, WHO, and my professional organizations to give me guidance on this matter. In particular ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals), Healwell, and Ruth Warner and Tracy Walton (educators and authors of massage therapy textbooks) have stressed that while policy comes from our governors and legislators, they don’t have a very good idea of the working conditions of a massage therapist and may say it is safe when it really isn’t.

I am currently working on the specifics of new protocol, safety procedures, and acquiring the necessary (yet currently back-ordered) equipment needed to perform massage therapy as safely as possible. Healwell and ABMP have been fantastic about providing their educated suggestions for following CDC guidelines to those who are choosing to re-open.  I hope to have information on these topics listed on my website soon and will let you know once they are set.  As far as a re-opening date goes, I do not have one.  The science and information out there is changing daily, so for me to give a firm re-open date feels unrealistic.  We are now even seeing Governor Northam delaying the start of Phase One by two weeks in areas of Northern Virginia, along with the city of Richmond and Accomack County. Too much is unknown.


"It attacks the heart, weakening its muscles and disrupting its critical rhythm. It savages kidneys so badly some hospitals have run short of dialysis equipment. It crawls along the nervous system, destroying taste and smell and occasionally reaching the brain. It creates blood clots that can kill with sudden efficiency and inflames blood vessels throughout the body.
It can begin with a few symptoms or none at all, then days later, squeeze the air out of the lungs without warning. 
It has managed to combine the infectiousness of its cold-causing cousins with some of the lethality of SARS and MERS. It can spread before people show symptoms of disease, making it difficult to control, especially without widespread and accurate testing. At the moment, social distancing is the only effective countermeasure."
Taken from The Washington Post article "Doctors keep discovering new ways the coronavirus attacks the body"


If you have any questions about this letter, I am available via email and I encourage you to reach out. I miss seeing your smiling faces and am grateful for your continued patience and understanding.
Please take care of yourselves until we meet in person again.

Best wishes,