3/15/2020: Still Open (for now) During COVID-19 Concerns

Hello Friends,

Amid all the COVID-19 coronavirus concerns, I am, at the time this email is being sent, still open for business and working with clients. I am taking precautions by continuing to remain diligent with sanitation and safety both in and out of my office. On any given day, I only have a maximum of 4-5 clients that I work with and maintain at least 30-45 minutes between clients to ensure proper time for cleaning and rest (thus, my space is not considered a high traffic area). I will continue to monitor what is going on globally, nationally, and here in Charlottesville to make the best decisions I can.

I'm simply taking things day-by-day.

For now, it's business as usual. Of course, as has always been the case, if you find yourself feeling under the weather, please inform me and stay home. Any cold or flu symptoms need to be taken seriously! If you have a cough and/or fever, contact your doctor's office instead of coming into my building.

Call or email me to reschedule/cancel appointments if you or a house-member have:
- Fever (confirmed or suspected)
- Coughing, sneezing, or shortness of breath
- Traveled internationally or traveled anywhere with confirmed transmission of Covid-19 within the last 14 days
- Been inside of an airport within the last 14 days
- Had close exposure to someone to whom this list applies.
DO NOT come to my office until you have been symptom free for at least 48 hours without the use of fever-reducing or other symptom-altering medications (e.g. cough suppressants).
I will also follow the same standards and guidelines listed above.

There will be no penalties for cancellations during this time, even if you are not feeling ill. I understand that we are all taking the precautions we each feel are best.
Please give me as much notice as possible.

Alternative Massage Option:

Stress levels are high for all of us right now. There is much that is unknown and a lot of information being spread faster than the coronavirus itself. When our stress levels increase, it leaves our immune system in a weakened state making it harder for our bodies to fight off colds, flus, and viruses.
Massage Therapy is a fantastic way of reducing stress in both the short and long term. The CDC is recommending right now that we avoid touching hands and keep a safe distance from others. With massage, achieving both of these precautions is not always possible.

However, I have an alternative option to your massage session which would still achieve stress reduction
I am offering massage sessions for lower legs and feet.
You will be able to close your eyes and relax in a reclined position on my heated massage table, while I wrap your feet in hot towels and use a moisturizing cream to massage strictly your lower legs and feet. There is no hand-to-hand contact, and there will be greater distance between our heads (the areas most likely to catch or spread germs). The session will last about 20-25 minutes and only cost $40. If you have ever received a pedicure, you know just how relaxing this can be. Although different than a typical massage performed in my office, the stress relieving benefits are high!

If you are HEALTHY and are interested in switching your current massage session to this targeted massage option, please let me know!

I hope to continue to be available to perform massage therapy on all of you who remain healthy for as long as possible during this unpredictable time. Keep an eye out in your inbox or on my website for information if I do decide to close my office for a bit. Online scheduling will remain available to you, as well as the ability to purchase gift certificates for your loved ones and yourself.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!
Please keep yourself & your massage therapist safe and healthy!

Wash your hands,
stay hydrated and moisturize,
get some fresh air and sunshine,
find ways to move your body,
& continue to make smart choices.